Water Filters

Water filtering with your best interests at heart.

Better water can make a real difference in your life. The quality of your water is important and we are committed to helping you have the best water for your home and business.

Whole House Filters

Eliminate substances that cause foul odor and taste as well as screen out suspended solids that make water appear cloudy.

Whole House Filters

Problem Water Filters

Our filters zero in on your water's trouble spots to effectively remove virtually any problem to have safe, clean water.

Problem Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters

With a Kinetico whole house water filter, water is welcomed into your home.

Kinetico whole house water filters dutifully stand guard against troublesome elements, like iron and chlorine, as well as suspended solids that can make water appear dirty or cloudy. Tom Coffey's Soft Water is highly qualified to recommend the right water filter system for your home.

Every Kinetico whole house filter is customized to your home's unique water needs.

Filters for Problems in Water

Restoring your water to its pure state.

Macrolite® - Kinetico's exclusive ceramic filter, developed in conjunction with 3M, screens oxidized iron, particulate matter and other contaminants down to five microns

Carbon - Removes chlorine and objectionable odors for fresher water

Calcite - Raises pH to neutralize water eliminating corrosion problems from acidic water

Problem Water Filters

Kinetico problem water filters can take on virtually any water problem.

Every Kinetico problem water filter is specially engineered to tackle menacing water problems head on and are used in conjunction with other Kinetico water systems. Count on your local Kinetico water professional to address all your home water filtration needs.

Select from the problem water filters below.

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